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Bolga Baskets

We are featuring baskets for market, knitting, the gym, shopping, and anything you can imagine. We have loved these baskets for years. In fact the only place I could buy them was in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I finally found them and now we can offer these wonderful hand woven baskets to you. Give them as gifts or treat yourself. 

The baskets are made in Ghana, West Africa.  They call them the Bolga Baskets, woven from elephant grass. The handles are made from goat hide tanned by the men, while the women hand-weave the grasses into these beautiful creations. No two baskets are exactly alike. We are offering three sizes, small, medium and large.

This is special introductory offer.  The large basket is $37, the medium is $30, and the small is $20 plus shipping and handling. Tax is charged in Virginia.  You save the shipping and handling if picked up at the farm or at the Earlysville Farmers Market.